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Hi, I'm HunterRothman2.

I came up with and idea for a game, and i can use "Game Maker" For it.

It's called "Swapped Sides".

Where the human sees what the dead see's.

And the Dead see's what the alive see's.

This was and original idea by me.(i think)

Also, i will realese "Demos" To show the development of this game.

I'm currently working on demo 1 or you can call it "Debug Build".

No, there is no debug use.

And it's called "Debug" to find certain things, such as.

  • How others view the game
  • show development
  • find "Bugs" that ruin the game
  • Add new features every know and then

But the main objective of this game, starting as the ghost is this.

AKA The story

Story :

One day you died, but you did many bad things.

You woke up to a strange place.

All you see is bricks, it comes to you it's a maze.

You want to escape this "Maze".

But you found a book that told you what you needed to know.

It said the following "To escape you must find a door.

They might work and not work, also known as dud doors.

But to escape the maze itself, you have to find a book called...

The abillity to see the living."

So after reading the book, you went and searched for doors and the book.

Oh and you figured out the walls are no no clip walls, you can go trough them.


Published 49 days ago
Tags16-bit, 2D, early-beta, in-development
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions

Just Click And install it.

Then double click on it to play.


Supporter Pack 1.zip 1 MB
Demo1.exe 5 MB
Demo 2.exe 6 MB

Development log


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